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The weather centre produces a number of weather reports which can be received as an RSS feed or email. There is no charge for any of these reports.

The Daily Weather Report has been released since 1998 and is available as an RSS feed. The report contains the weather centre's own forecast for the county for the next few days as well as a summary of the main weather readings taken over the previous 24 hours. It is a copy of the forecast that appears on this website.

The Monthly Weather Report features a review of the county's weather over the previous month, a climatological summary, daily weather log, weather news from across the county as well as updates about the weather centre. It is available as an RSS feed or as an email. The emailed version of the report is a trimmed down text-only version of the RSS feed.

The Special Weather Report is targetted at the media and is intended as a press release and contains items of weather news of particular interest to the public. It is released whenever there are significant weather events to report. It is released in RSS format.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, right hand mouse click on the relevant RSS icon below and copy the address into your RSS reader. The weather centre recommends the freeware cross-platform apps, Old Reader and Feedly, which can be downloaded to your device from iTunes or Google Play. Subscribers who previously received the Daily Weather Report via email and who would prefer to continue receiving reports in this way should find that their email client can be set up to receive the appropriate RSS feed. We have produced guides to setting up RSS feeds using the Outlook 2016 email client and Internet Explorer. If you need help in setting up your RSS feed, please contact the weather centre (office@northantsweather.org).

To subscribe to the emailed Monthly Weather Report click on the email icon. This will open an email client containing the subject 'Subscribe'. Simply click send. You can unsubscribe from this email at any time by clicking on the link contained in the report.


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